Monday, January 20, 2014

Interview with Bubblews Co-Creator, Arvind (Avi) Dixit, a Man Whose Vision Makes Cents!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know I'm very enamored with Bubblews. This site has given me an opportunity to make money – writing! Who doesn't love that? But, like everyone, I wanted to know more about Bubblews and the vision Arvind (Avi) Dixit, had about his new baby before she was born (I have given myself the liberty of assigning a sex to her, because, after all, when Bubblews announces, "Write Your World," in my world, I'm a woman; therefore my Bubblews experience is female. Anyway, here is my interview:

 When you first came up with the idea for Bubblews, what was your original reason for wanting to create this flourishing community of writers?

We wanted to create a brand that allowed people to share meaningful things with people from all over the world. The philosophy of the brand was built on the basis that we felt people’s thoughts, activities and socializing was building up these incredible large businesses. These conglomerates, however, were neglecting those who make or break their business.  We wanted to create a brand that put people first and utilized innovation, compassion and compensation to help spread our brand-awareness.

How did you initially envision Bubblews?

We envisioned pretty much what you see right now. Bubblews is still a very young company when you compare it to what we want to accomplish. There are a few things that I wish I could have gone back and done a little differently, but we are well aware of our weaknesses right now. We are taking drastic steps to enhance our platform in 2014, which will turn our weaknesses into our strengths.

Had you come up with other names before you settled upon Bubblews? And what does the "ws" at the end of Bubble stand for, by the way?

The name actually helped create the whole entire brand, not the other way around. We felt that thoughts are a lot like bubbles, some are big, some are small, they shrink, grow and merge with each other, but most importantly they are free flowing and unanimously known around the world. The word ‘news’ helps make up the ‘ws’ part of the name because news to us is what is new in your life, not the traditional sense of news that you see/hear a journalist report. The name is fun and we like to see people have fun trying to pronounce it. This really demonstrates our brands laid back atmosphere.

You stress community over writing at Bubblews. Why was "community" more important to Bubblews?

I think we equally stress writing meaningful things as well as social engagement. You really need both in order to have a proper community, or ecosystem. We stress community because we want people to feel comfortable enough to share their honest viewpoints on our platform. People tend to smell the real from the fake, so we prefer to have our members speak freely.

We all want to be successful, and we all imagine how success might feel. When you noticed how quickly the Bubblews community was growing, were you adequately prepared for the growth or were you surprised?

We were prepared for growth, but certainly not this fast. When you start a business you start it because you feel you have something different, but you can never judge how fast that idea will catch on. I think we are a long ways away from being called a success because there is a lot of things I want us to improve on and that we will improve on. Our brand has only begun to scratch the surface and we will really establish ourselves as innovative leaders in 2014.

Writers on Bubblews used to be able to cash out at the $25 level, and you were inundated with payout requests. Did changing from a $25 payout to a $50 payout lessen the load for Bubblews staff?

This has greatly helped the staff be able to cope with the increased growth of Bubblews without us having to adjust how long you have to wait for your redemption or the amount we are able to pay out. We think it was one of the best moves we could have possibly made. 2014 will be a lot smoother for us in the sense of communication with our community. 

Did your vision of a thriving world-wide writing community match the actual results you have obtained (so far) with Bubblews? 

In 2013 we proved that we are doing something different. In order to innovate you have to be willing to be misunderstood. Some people have misunderstood us since we launched, but many people are starting to catch on to what we are doing and really love the platform we currently have. To see the passion that some of our bubblers write with is very inspiring and motivating for us.

For the better half of 2013 we woke up in the mornings and thought about how we can improve. The blueprint is ready and throughout 2014 we will start the execution.

Your writers get paid 1 penny for every view, 1 penny for every like, and 1 penny for every comment. That's more than most other writing sites pay. How was Bubblews able to afford to pay its writers when Bubblews first started?

I cannot disclose all that type of information but I can tell you that the company was founded with some seriously passionate people and will continue to be built by passionate people. Passion enables ambition and ambition enables you to fulfill goals that you have for yourself through utilizing patience and persistence. There are no scams or smoking mirrors here, just desire, dedication and discipline.

The Bubblews slogan is, "Write Your World," and Bubblews certainly has an enormous community from around the world. As a "Bubbler" myself, I've noticed writers from Bangladesh, the Philippines, the United States, and Canada. Were you surprised by how quickly word of Bubblews spread?

We knew that we would grow rather quickly in the U.S.A. and maybe Canada, but we had no idea that we would grow around the world literally in 3 months. It really taught us so much about our business and people in general. This type of experience cannot be taught and will definitely help us release better products, services and features.

How did the term, Bubbler, come about? Did you create it, or did the community begin calling itself that name?

We let the community decide what to call themselves. I remember in the early days of the website people used to call themselves ‘bubblewsers’ then people created the verb ‘bubbling.’ From there, I guess it branched off into people referring to themselves as bubblers writing bubbles. We love it. It is always great to witness a community unanimously adopt a name, this shows unity.

Can anyone "bubble" or does Bubblews set an age limit? What if a 14-year-old wanted to write, for instance?

We prefer everyone be over the age of 18, but if you are 16 you can write on the website, but will need to input your parents/guardians information because you will be receiving payment.

For potential Bubblers reading this post who decide to join Bubblews, can you tell them how Bubblews can benefit them and why they might want to join?

We look forward to seeing you join. We want you to have fun with our platform. We want you to be able to write about the things that mean something to you, whether it is 1,000 words or 400 characters.  Through open-ended writing and the writing of things that mean something to you, often times you will find the answers you seek. I hope to see you all there.

I want to thank Avi for giving me the opportunity to interview him. And I'd like to give you an opportunity to sign up so you, too, can WRITE FOR PAY! Just click the link, Enter the site (or watch the video first, hit the Submit button, located near the top of your screen, and MAKE CENTS

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Ramblings on Death & Dying

Because my father has been sick, I've been a little preoccupied with death lately, so I've written a few posts about different aspects of death and dying and I would like to share them with you. The first two articles deal with grief; the last article reminds you that your loved ones may have left behind social media sites, like Facebook. What should you do with them?

The Many Layers of Grief

How Long is Too Long to Grieve?

Your Loved One Dies – Their Facebook Page Lives – What Should You Do About It?

I hope you find something in those articles worth reading, and, as always, thank you for visiting. 


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