Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Webinar Lies

Have you ever clicked on one of those ads, through Facebook or email, that offer FREE webinars? I did – twice. That old, “Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me” saying pops into my head. But yes, I attended two webinars. And I tried clicking on some of those “promises” of “whatever” information I was seeking, only to find that those promises of “FREE” info were lies too – again. 

Well, maybe. Read on.

Here’s what happens. You find information for a webinar you’d like to attend. It offers you information that will help you enhance your career, motivate yourself, train for something you’ve always wanted to learn – whatever. So you sign up, attend, and listen to an hour of someone telling you everything the ad already said, only instead of taking 10 seconds or so to read, the webinar hosts drags on for an hour and a half with examples of people who’ve already tried her or his “program” and then – guess what! Now you know why you’re attending the webinar! To BUY the program. You NEVER learn the “secrets” the webinar ad promised to divulge. You NEVER learn anything other than what it will cost you to purchase that free promise.

What I find fascinating about those programs is the arbitrary dollar amount these people assign to their programs. Say you want to learn how to feel better about yourself. So-and-so has a program for that – and (going into commercial mode here), it won’t cost you a hundred thousand dollars, which is the (choke spit) ACTUAL value – it won’t even cost you $50,000. Nope! YOU – because YOU are sooooooo special, get to pay the amazing price of only $3,000! Now remember, that’s a ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR VALUE, People! How can you pass that up?

Really? FREE information? THAT was your promise? I can find information everywhere.The way I see it – I just gave that webinar host an hour of my time that I can never get back. Yes, I’ve been fooled, and I take full responsibility for making that mistake. Will I ever attend another webinar? Probably not – unless I know the person giving it and I know that person is ethical. From what I’ve seen, webinars are just infomercials in cyberspace. If I want to learn something valuable, I’m not buying the webinar promise. I’ll look elsewhere for my information.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

A New Sitcom for Craig Ferguson!

Yes, it's been a while since I've written anything in this blog – or anywhere else for that matter. I'm too distracted with packing and moving (even though no papers have been signed).

Anyway, I came up with an idea for a sitcom and when Craig Ferguson announced his desire to leave late night television, I decided to write for him on a public forum (my Wordpress blog).

Want to know more about it? Read ATTENTION CRAIG FERGUSON – I Challenge You!

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