Monday, June 2, 2014

When You Have No Time To Write But You Keep Coming Up With Great Ideas

In the past month, I’ve been scurrying around in the real world (as opposed to the virtual world) trying to get my house in order (I’m selling it – truthfully, I’m TRYING to sell it). When one buyer acted as if he and his wife were doing everything in their power to purchase my home, even going so far as to buy furniture for the extra room they would have, I began packing. Boxes now sit in my home – everywhere, and I still don’t know if that guy is going to be able to buy my home. 

Several other people have come to look too, and all of them want my home (so do I, but I can’t afford it), but for various reasons, the most recent being that the bank wouldn’t approve the loan, here I sit. Looking at all my packed boxes, I feel as if I just moved in and haven’t been able to unpack yet. As you might imagine, I feel as if I’m living in suspended animation, eager and ready to “move” on, so to speak, and yet stuck because I don’t yet know WHEN my home will sell. 

In the meantime, I’m still caring for 3 of my grandchildren, still crocheting and making jewelry like a fiend, hoping to sell items that others will buy, and jotting down ideas that I don’t have time to write. Add to that, one very important reason I haven’t been able to write – a laptop that has the battery life of a popsicle in the sun – and you can see why I haven’t written much lately.

However, for the first time in several years, and for the last time in maybe forever, I got a tax return this year! The guy at H&R Block told me, “If you continue to make only this amount every year, you’ll never have to file a tax return again.” Was that good news or bad news? What I heard was, “You’re so poor, even the government doesn’t want to bother with you anymore.” 

Whatever. I bought a new laptop with my income tax return, which I got, because I cashed in my measly 401k plan last year. If any of you are interested in learning why I cashed in my 401k, please read, Why I Cashed in My 401K.

But let’s get to the point of this blog – just because I haven’t written much doesn’t mean I’m not getting ideas for articles or blogs to write, so I make sure I jot down my ideas. My most recent ideas came as a result of wanting to find a free crochet pattern for a shamrock and a 4-leaf clover. While researching those ideas, I discovered that shamrocks have only 3 leaves, not 4, which I found interesting, and, unable to find anything useful, I designed the two myself. If you’re an avid crocheter and you’d like to create them, here they are:

Now back to this blog. The best way for me to keep my ideas is to create a working title, jot down some ideas related to the title, and file them on my new laptop! I also jot ideas down in a small notebook I carry around with me. Other times I write my ideas down on an envelope that’s attached to a piece of mail I know I won’t throw away, like my gas and electric bill (a combined bill), because I still need to pay it. Eventually, all of those ideas make it to my laptop, and all of those future blogs, articles, books, and screenplay ideas sit in various stages of development. One of these days I’ll be able to spend some time writing them.

Though I have reasons I can’t spend time writing (moments like this, for example, when I should be showering because I have to run to my daughter’s home to care for her children today), I have no excuse for not attempting to write. So if that means taking time to jot down an idea on an envelope, at least I can hope to find time to develop that idea later.

If you don’t have time to flesh out an article, post a blog, or start that book, at least post your ideas somewhere. Make sure you remember where you posted them. Your phone probably comes with a notepad of some kind. If you’re like me, a lot of your ideas come when you’re showering or driving. I keep a note pad in my bathroom and in my car. While I’m in the shower, I just keep repeating it to myself so I can jot it down the second I get out of the shower. If I’m driving, I wait until I come to a stop sign or light, and I keep repeating it until I can jot it down. I get easily distracted though, so if I’m traveling for more than 10 or 15 minutes, I have to pull over.

What’s nice about ideas is that sometimes one idea leads to another, or an idea you had a month ago fits nicely with an idea you just had. Like putting together pieces of a puzzle, you eventually build a nice blog (or something else) by creatively combining all the pieces together. So don’t let those little idea bubbles pop before you grab onto them. Create an idea log!

OK. I really need to get into the shower. Maybe I’ll get even more ideas. Have a beautiful day filled with creative ideas and THANK YOU for visiting!

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