Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Get More Mileage from and Drive Traffic to Your Blogs

If you write several blogs or contribute to several writing sites, you could spend an inordinate number of hours coming up with ideas for all kinds of subjects. Why not reach as many readers as possible by tweaking articles and blogs you’ve already written! How? By approaching each post with a different slant!  

What’s a slant? A slant is your point of view on a subject, the angle at which you approach your subject when you write about it. Let me give you an example. The other day my 2-year-old granddaughter cut her hair after watching an episode of the popular television show, Team Umizoomi. That episode discussed hair cutting. I could have written just that she had cut her hair, but how boring would that be – don’t lots of kids cut their own hair? So I came up with two different posts covering the same topic: 

My first post, PROOF That Television Influences Our Children, showed my readers, in a comical way, what exactly my proof looked like.

My second post, Does TV Influence Our Kids? asked my readers to decide whether or not television influenced our children.

One topic – two blogs!

But getting mileage out of our blogs doesn’t always necessitate writing an entirely new post. Sometimes all we have to do is write one article and link to it from a different blog, thereby driving traffic from one blog to the other.

Here is an example: Why Are We Forcing Our Kids to be Someone They’re Not?  was my original post. Then I wrote an introductory paragraph for, Do You Force Your Children to be What YOU Wanted to Be? (one of my other blogs). I then directed my readers to my original post by linking the title.

Lots of writers use this approach to generate more traffic to their blogs. One writer I know uses one blog to link all of her other blog posts. She ropes in her readers with a great title and an interesting one liner and then provides a link for them to click. 

Does coming up with several ideas for one topic seem too difficult? Let’s see if we can come up with 10 possible blog posts about – anything. Looking out of my window I see what could be a boring topic, a blade of grass. But let’s commit to blades of grass. How many slants can we get out of a blade of grass? Well, let’s see – we can

1) write about holding a blade of grass between our thumbs and blowing through our thumbs to make a whistle;

2) perform a search, and write that Blade of Grass is a game, Terraria;

3) send our readers to a YouTube video for the Terraria game, Blade of Grass;

4) research quotes using the term, “Blade of Grass”;

5) take a humorous spin by discussing all of our made-up benefits for using a blade of grass;

6) discuss grass in general;

7) spin it by using another use for the term “grass” – marijuana;

8) reference the move, Blades of Glory, take photos of dew-covered blades of grass, call them Blades of Glory, and write about them;

9) create a fantasy, using a blade of grass that becomes a sword through magic;

10) write a children’s story about a blade of grass that grows so large, it provides shade or protection for a family of ants trying to hide from the wicked widow spider.

Do you see how one topic can generate numerous articles and blog posts? All it takes is one topic and a new slant for each post! So find a topic, skew your perception, drive your readers to your blogs, get more mileage from them, and, well, WRITE!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Can You Use Help Writing Titles for Your Blogs?

Coming up with an interesting title sometimes takes work. A lot of writers are stumped by titles. On one writing site, Bubblews, many titles are so boring, I think, why bother reading the post? If you click the link, by the way, you can post "bubbles," small 400 character posts that will give you 1¢ for every read, 1¢ for every like, and 1¢ for every comment. 

Anyway, because I recognized that some people have trouble with titles, I decided to write a post for all my bubble friends, and I'd like to share that post with you. Even though the article is targeted to Bubblews users, the information applies to everyone struggling with titles. Here is the link:

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