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5 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

"Why Isn't Anyone Interested in Reading My Blog?"

The following article was previously published on Associated Content / Yahoo! Voices on Jan 31, 2011

How to Get People to Read Your Blog

Like most of us just starting out, unless you already have a ready-made readership, you probably wonder why nobody reads your blog. I have asked myself that same question, and I've discovered some very revealing answers. Here's what I discovered about why people won't read your blog:

1) Blog readers are just not interested in your topic.
I remember a time when I developed, designed, wrote, published, and distributed a local newsletter. Various people in the community wanted to advertise with me.
After several issues, however, one woman, who had been advertising with me from the beginning, complained that she never received any phone calls from her ad. She asked me why nobody wanted the items she was selling. After all, they were cute.
After a quick look around the nearly eight hundred homes in the area, I detected that she was the only one interested in clothing made for geese yard ornaments.
If you want people to read your words, make sure you offer them something they want to read.
2) Blog readers don't care for the way you write.
People who use English incorrectly, even in a blog, repel some readers immediately. Readers' purpose in reading your blog is to be entertained or informed. If they have to stumble through a poorly written blog to get the information they need, they won't trust the information or the blog writer, and they will probably never again read your blog.
Consider your readers when you write your blog. Make your blog a comfortable place to visit.
3) You make too many mistakes.
Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style are important. Yes, you don't have to be as guarded in a blog as you would have to be in an article, but you DO have to think about your readers. Readers can forgive mistakes once in a while, but when mistakes occur repeatedly, you will never garner a readership.
Think about it - if you read a blog filled with mistakes, can you trust the information related in the blog? If you want information about an iPad, for instance, and you read a blog that is so poorly written you have to wonder if it's been written by a child, wouldn't you move on to a different blog? Too many mistakes scream, AMATEUR!
4) Your blog is a clone of too many other blogs.
I joined a blogging site recently and was approached by several bloggers who asked me to "follow" them. I obliged. However, one day I decided to research some of the bloggers I followed, and what I discovered astounded me.
One blogger, who wrote very eloquently in his blog, impressed me with his phrasing choices. His personal information, however, looked as if it had been written by an illiterate child.
Upon further inspection, I discovered that what he had written in his blog had already been posted by numerous other bloggers. He gave no credit to the original source, and I couldn't help but wonder who wrote the original phrase. Plagiarized work is unethical and I don't appreciate reading work that has been stolen.
How did I know it was stolen?
When I placed quotation marks around the phrase that impressed me, I Googled it and discovered numerous other blogging sites that appeared with the exact phrasing.
Who wants to read regurgitated information? Most readers want to read blogs that provide a fresh perspective on the information they seek.
5) Nobody knows your blog exists.
Unless you use Twitter, your profile page on Facebook, blog exchange sites, like Networked Blogs on Facebook (you'll need a Facebook account), or blogging sites like Bloggers, to promote your blog, the only way anybody will find your blog is through emails you send to friends and relatives, by word of mouth, or by accident.
If you want people to notice your blog, advertise it. If you write more than one blog, add links at the end of each blog post directing readers to your other blogs, like I do (see below). If you really want exposure, ask other bloggers to backlink their blogs to yours.
Though I just mentioned backlinking, I have to admit that I don't beg people to backlink to me. I prefer being surprised when other bloggers think enough of my blog (or article) to post a link on their Twitter or Facebook account. And I genuinely appreciate people who backlink from one my blogs to their own.
In Closing
If you want more people to read your blog, choose topics that interest readers, learn how to write correctly and effectively, write coherently, try not to make mistakes, offer your readers your own perspective, and promote your blog.
For information on backlinking, I invite you to read Lyn Lomasi's excellent blog, How Can I Increase My Page Views (PVs) on Associated Content?, Although her post was directed toward Associated Content writers, the information she provides works well for blogs too.
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