Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Breathing New Life Into Your Old Posts

Chances are, if the title grabbed your attention, you are reading this post because you have in your collection numerous old blogs or articles you’d like to resurrect. Quite possibly a site where your material sat shut down and you are left with hundreds or even thousands of articles just waiting for rebirth.

If you have ever spent hours researching an article, if you maintain a blog, or even if you just scribble daily funnies for your friends, you probably have enough old material – let me rephrase – enough old RELEVANT material to refresh and repost.

When one web site, which housed a lot of my material, shut its doors, I hurriedly copied and pasted each article onto my desktop and dropped each article into folders where I thought they might fit. Rather than just automatically reposting those articles though, I read through them. I clicked the links. As you might expect, many of the links were broken, so I had to find my original source and re-link to the new source.

In many instances, I found updated material, so I rewrote portions of those posts and got rid of broken links or irrelevant material. Add a move and upcoming holidays that set me back several months, and you can imagine why it will take me several more months to complete my updates. But I’m on a mission, so they will find new homes.

Resurrecting your blogs is not the only way to breathe new life into old posts, though. You can also write entirely new posts and set up links from your new post to your older RELEVANT posts. Notice the stress on relevant. If you are writing about something that happened in the 1980s, make sure you relate that post to current events or at least make sure that the topic is not time-sensitive. 

One way to bypass time-sensitive posts is to write material on the anniversary of those past events. And don’t forget to check links in your older posts and update them if necessary. Or – leave the post "as is" and bring your reader back in time to the atmosphere around that period. Create an ambiance that brings readers into that time period with you. Help your readers experience the events as if what happened – happened to them.

Remember, if what you have written is still relevant or relatable today, you can always update it and repost it. Give it a more impactful title, correct mistakes you might have missed, tighten up your writing, and promote your new baby.

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  1. Awesome advice, Theresa. I've done a lot of this, actually, taking stuff I wrote a long time ago and updating the content and links to make it relevant again. The stuff works better every time :)




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