Thursday, July 23, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner, President Obama, Weird Illinois, National Crazy Day, Murder, and The Case of the Humanoid Alien

Over these past few weeks I've been busy resurrecting an old blog that I've neglected for quite a while. My original intention in creating Your Blog Connection was to promote other bloggers, but what happened as a result of promoting that blog was that I got enmeshed in a paid-to-blog site that provided links to web sites that sometimes appeared to be scams. I refused to write those types of blogs any longer. 

As a result, I lost out on a lot of paid blogging jobs, but the pay was dismal anyway, so parting ways was no big loss. 

Your Blog Connection, the blog that promotes your blog, has kept me busy lately – ever since I put out feelers to members of one Facebook group asking them if they wanted me to promote their blogs. What a great response I got! So I've been busy collecting questionnaires, writing blogs about their blogs, and promoting them on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

But I've also managed this past month to squeeze in a few other blog posts on some of my other blogs. If any of the following titles interest you, please click the links to read them:

Illinois may have its weirdest governor yet!

Help for anyone who advertises on Craigslist!

That's the question media want Obama to answer! And I give my opinion!

July 21 - National Crazy DayThe Lighter Side of the Moon Child

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Writing Contests 2015

Every month several writing sites around the web post contests for writers. You may want to enter some of them. Whether you’re a wannabe, a newbie, or an established writer, writing contests can help you publicize your writing and establish your name. Though many writing contests require a fee, some are free. And because so many of them exist, prizes vary. 

Maybe you’re interested only in name recognition or maybe you just want to know if your writing is capable of winning a prize. Whatever your reason, entering a writing contest could result in a win. And while one win may not seem like much, as a contest winner, you can add your wins to your resume. And who knows – one win may lead to another and then to another. 

WARNING! Make sure you read the contest guidelines and follow the directions. Some people have lost simply because they didn’t follow the rules. If a poetry contest, for instance, requires you to write a poem with less than 24 lines and your poem exceeds 24 lines, even if the poem is Maya Angelou beautiful, you will lose, because you didn’t follow the rules.  So pay attention to what is asked of you in each contest.

Here are several contests broken down into various categories.








Hope you found the list helpful. 

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