Saturday, January 23, 2016

Latest PayPal Scam

Here is the email I just received from “PayPal,” or, as is indicated in the suspicious email, ?ay?al:

One thing I’ve mentioned before in other blogs I've posted referring to various scams I've encountered is that no reputable company will EVER ask you for important personal information in an email, nor will they ask you to click a link to respond to the email.

Notice at the bottom of this fictitious email that you are NOT to respond to the email, but instead to click the link. I didn’t. I could just imagine my computer being wiped clean or important information about me being stolen and used for the hacker’s(s’) financial gain. Had I clicked the button they asked me to click, I might have found hundreds of credit cards being taken out in my name.

Instead, I immediately forwarded the criminal(s) directly to PayPal’s spoof department and decided to write a blog that I hope will spread like wildfire so other more vulnerable individuals won’t be victimized. If you receive the same or similar email from “PayPal,” FORWARD it to:

How did I know the email didn’t come directly from PayPal? For a number of reasons, one of which was obviously the glaring mistake in the email, and when I checked the email address, I found, not a PayPal address, but something completely different:

Bottom line: if you find a suspicious email, report it to the company it proclaims to represent. And then tell your friends about it and ask them to tell their friends about it, and so on, and so on. Let’s STOP these crooks before they rob you or your loved ones. 

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